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Аноним сказал: For the team events at Russian Nationals and the Russian Cup, who decides who counts for scores and competes in the Team Final—like if there are more than 5 gymnasts representing the same okrug?

At first, you should be on the team of your “okrug” (it’s like region). There is the team of the school, then the team of the city like united - best gymnasts from all schools, then you should make the team of the region and then the national team I guess.
But there are some girls who are not in the national team, but they can compete “for the club” and their results won’t be counted.
For example, Alexandra Yazidjan at Russian nationals this year - she did only qualifications and her scores weren’t counted, but if she made any finals she would compete for Dynamo Moscow club and could have won a medal/title for herself.

Аноним сказал: I'm sorry to bother you, but do you know how Viktoria and Nastia are doing? If not, it's ok :)

I know about Nastia. She is good, working to built muscles in her leg. Still working on it. She started jumping. Slowly. She is fine, on her way to recovery.

Аноним сказал: When did you meet McKayla and did you talk to her? :)

In August last year in LA
And in Antwerp at Worlds
Yes, I did)

Аноним сказал: Thanx for replying to my question. I ahve jsut one more. What happens with the name of those children whose fathers are unknown, do they use their maternal grandfather's names to get a middle name or what?

My gosh. Never met such people. But I think yes, grandfather’s! At least why not…

Аноним сказал: Do you know if Aliya is Muslim?

She is not.

Аноним сказал: 1-4 and 15! go!

1. dream floor music? - idk(( I’d be like my entire playlist haha

2. fav combo on beam? - Katelyn Ohashi’s standing Arabian+leap jump AND her BHS+BHS+FULL TWISTING LAYOUT!

3. beam queen. go! - CATALINA PONOR may be) She is not the only one whose beam I love, but she was the…quite consistent one)

4. russian or chinese bars? - BOTH

15. the ultimate question- mustafina or komova? - MUSTAFINA

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random gymternet questions

  • 1. dream floor music?
  • 2. fav combo on beam?
  • 3. beam queen. go!
  • 4. russian or chinese bars?
  • 5. gymnast you feel is constantly overlooked?
  • 6. ___________ were the best olympics ever
  • 7. ___________ was soo underscored
  • 8. front or back tumbling?
  • 9. should the one armed giant be upgraded?
  • 10. i wish __________ would come back already
  • 11. valentina rodionenko should be replaced by queen khorkina. agree or disagree?
  • 12. pavs for rio?
  • 13. 3 passes on floor or 4?
  • 14. __________ currently has the best choreo
  • 15. the ultimate question- mustafina or komova?
  • 16. petition to bring back aliya's markelov/khorkina? yes??
  • 17. simone biles to dominate at worlds?
  • 18. sheep jumps or double stags?
  • 19. hardest question ever- when will kyla upgrade?
  • 20. __________ will surprise us all at worlds
  • 21. illusion or semenova turns?
  • 22. nastia's or aliya's onodi?
  • 23. podium predictions for yog. go.
  • 24. piked or straddled tkatchevs?
  • 25. best patterson dismount you've seen so far?
  • 26. yes or no- aly will come back strong.
  • 27. who is a threat to simone right now (junior or senior)?
  • 28. asac's double arabian or ponor's double layout?
  • 29. will we see any skills named after gymnasts this worlds/yog?
  • 30. nationals and classics predictions.
  • 31. rule about layouts on beam being downgraded if they're too piked. yay or nay?
  • 32. kochetkovas or rufolvas?
  • 33. another hard question- pavs' floor choreo or afan's?
  • 34. commonwealth games predictions.
  • 35. who do you expect to dominate at yog?


Elena Likhodolskaya on floor. Check out the Afan-esque leg choreo


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